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Privacy Policy

 Your privacy is important to us., Sheila Parsons, and Sheila Parsons’ Art-Ventures LLC will not give, rent, or sell your name, addresses or personal information to any outside party without your express permission. Please feel free to send us your real or electronic addresses in the knowledge that that information will not be used by any other persons or for any other purpose other than for us to contact you directly with information you have requested.

Image Use Policy

  No image from this website may be used for commercial purposes without the written permission of the artist. Please feel free to use any image on your computer's desktop or for non-commercial teaching purposes as long as the watermarks are not altered and full credit is given to the artist.

Opt-Out Policy

 If, at any time, you no longer wish to receive information from us in one or any format, please send us an email requesting to be removed from our mailing lists. If you only wish to remove your email, you may do so by simply sending an email to with the subject, "Remove" and you will be removed ONLY from the email list. If you do not wish to receive physical mail from us either, please send an email with the subject, "No Mail".