Sheila Parsons' Art-Ventures


About Me

      I have always known I wanted to be an artist. I drew on anything that would stand still long enough for me to do so. My artist mother, Lee Boylan, always made time to look at my latest creation and with three other siblings that is reason enough to make art.

     After studying fine art at the University of Arkansas, I joined the Peace Corps and taught art (in Spanish) at the University Gabriel San Moreno in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Those fascinating two years were followed by one year in the National Teacher's Corp in south Texas (not fascinating, not colorful, just dreary, but I did get to use my Spanish). I moved to New York City where I began a master’s program at Pratt Institute. After graduating I taught in a Quaker School in Brooklyn. 

    The job offer as a high school art teacher took me to Mexico City and the American High School there. My Bolivian Spanish was paying off again. I loved working with kids from all over the world in this private school set up for children of diplomats.

    I gave birth to my only child, Lucien, in Mexico City and returned to Arkansas so he would have grandparents and cousins at hand. I was artist-in-residence in Maumelle, Arkansas when I attended a watercolor workshop taught by my mentor Milford Zornes, (1908 - 2008). He hired me as his assistant, and I traveled with him to over 30 watercolor workshops all over the world. Since then I have worked for the University of Oklahoma and Flying Colors Art Workshops teaching travel/painting workshops world-wide. I established Sheila Parsons' Art-Ventures LLC and have continued to teach watercolor workshops in the United States, Mexico, Central America, Bali, and various countries in Europe.